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Dyno Run ID:52
Dyno Description:Working Mans Stage 3
Run Date: 10/13/2007
Max Torque: 109.00
Max Torque RPM: 4,100
Max HP: 109.00
Max HP RPM: 5,800
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95 flat top build.jpg
Inserted On:4/21/2011 10:48:42 AM
Subject: Per Dave on Yahoo
Posted On: 4/26/2011 4:35:36 PM By: chad1 at IP:

Chad it should be noted that this is a low-compression, flat top piston build(172 psi cranking pressure) with bolt in cams(.510" lift) and stock heads. Mike Roland is a EFI guru that reteaches EFI tuning to many dyno operators that have been previously trained including some HD mechanics that work for dealers who actually want to have trained dyno operators that can actually develop a map rather than load a canned map. Anyone that drives my bike is totally impressed by the runnability and smoothness. My girlfriend has basically the same build with better headwork, same cam timing but a .575" lift on the intake side and 10.25:1 compression that develops 125 SAE HP with a very similar Torque curve. I love the Wild Things cams. BTW, Mike Roland is the developer of all the Wild Things performance products and is now a VP of Kuryakyn which now markets the Wild Things products exclusively. Got to love a well tuned bike. Dave

Subject: Nice Build
Posted On: 4/21/2011 4:21:30 PM By: chad1 at IP:

Impressive power for a setup of this sort. Got the top rank so far in TQ/CU IN. Congrats!