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Rat Bike: The Curious Tale of Nick Heij's Dnepr MT11

Fri, 20 Jul 2018 04:41:47 GMT

We see barn finds, family hand-me-downs, and even the occasional generous gift from a stranger. But this weirdly appealing 1970 Dnepr rat bike has one of the strangest tales of all.

How The 2018 Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Special Won Me Over

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 23:52:07 GMT

I admit it. I belong to a generation that's become infatuated with all things vintage.

Leucadia National (LUK) & Teijin Adr Rep (TINLY) Critical Contrast

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 19:04:54 GMT

Leucadia National and Teijin Adr Rep are both mid-cap multi-sector conglomerates companies, but which is the better business? We will contrast the two businesses based on the strength of their risk, valuation, dividends, institutional ownership, analyst recommendations, earnings and profitability. Teijin Adr Rep has lower revenue, but higher earnings than Leucadia National.

India-made BMW bike rolls in at Rs 3 lakh

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 09:18:55 GMT

BMW Motorrad, the motorcycling arm of the company, has partnered Venu Srinivasan's TVS Motors for manufacturing of two models - G310R and G310 GS - at its Hosur plant. NEW DELHI: BMW on Wednesday rolled out locally-made motorcycles in India - with an entry price of Rs 3 lakh - as the German brand looks to tap into the growing love of Indians for luxury and leisure biking.

Harley-Hardened Wire Helps High-Gain Antenna Hack

Thu, 19 Jul 2018 02:21:11 GMT

What does a Harley-Davidson motorcycle have to do with building antennas? Absolutely nothing, unless you happen to have one and need to work-harden copper wire to build a collinear antenna for LoRa . We'll explain.

Bike builder hogs the glory

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 14:31:06 GMT

A CUSTOM motorcycle specialist from Swindon is in hog-heaven after wowing thousands of Harley Davidson aficionados from all over the world. And Swindon bike builder Rocket Bob's Cycle Works was awarded the top prize in the centrepiece event - a custom Harley Gallery, an exhibition of 50 unique bikes from around the world.

Trade pain: Small companies hit by import, export tariffs

Wed, 18 Jul 2018 00:21:06 GMT

Time and effort have gone down the drain for Steve Gould, who is scrambling to find new customers for his gin, whiskey and other spirits since the United States has taken a tough stance on trade issues.

Duo posed as minority business owners, Attorney General says

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 19:29:57 GMT

Scam financed purchases of high-end Harley Davidson motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, a $170,000 RV, gifts for a girlfriend and trips to the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas, prosecutors said D. Scott Henzel and Michael Martin allegedly used two minority-owned businesses as a front to obtain state construction contracts. D. Scott Henzel and Michael Martin allegedly used two minority-owned businesses as a front to obtain state construction contracts.

Piyush Prasad joins Harley-Davidson India

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 14:47:03 GMT

MUMBAI: Piyush Prasad has joined Harley-Davidson India as manager for market operations, based out of Gurugram. In this position, he will report to Peter Mackenzie who is the managing director for Harley-Davidson India and China.

Critical Survey: Leucadia National

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 12:31:50 GMT

Leucadia National and Teijin Adr Rep are both mid-cap multi-sector conglomerates companies, but which is the better investment? We will compare the two businesses based on the strength of their valuation, risk, analyst recommendations, profitability, institutional ownership, dividends and earnings. Leucadia National pays an annual dividend of $0.40 per share and has a dividend yield of 1.7%.

Schumer Helps Deliver Motorcycle To NCC

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 07:44:22 GMT

Mike LaTone pictured with Dan Aykroyd and his motorcycle, which will be exhibited at the National Comedy Center.

Harley, Trump and Thailand's $51 Billion Trade Gamble

Tue, 17 Jul 2018 03:05:42 GMT

Democracies look to voters for validation of their economic policies. For Thailand's military junta, the affirmation is coming from Beijing, bankers and the likes of Harley-Davidson Inc. Harley's decision to build a new Thai factory to supply Southeast Asia should be reassuring to Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

Multinational firms tremble as tariff tremors rock trade

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 22:26:33 GMT

Visitors view vehicles at the Daimler AG Mercedes-Benz booth during the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, the US, on Jan 15. Daimler called US tariffs "the decisive factor" that led it to lower its annual forecast. [Photo/Agencies] BEIJINGi1 4 The US-initiated trade dispute has triggered retaliatory reactions from the country's major trading partners, casting a shadow over the business of global multinational firms.

Uncertainty as tariffs draw near

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 17:41:49 GMT

Uncertainty continues to roil agricultural markets as uneasy producers warily monitor escalating developments between the United States and trading partners around the world. With trade between vital North American partners already in flux, the United States now stands at the precipice of what could develop into a full-scale trade war with China, with further implications to follow.

No One Wins from America's Latest Round of Chinese Tariffs-Here's Why

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 12:42:14 GMT

This is not a trade war. For the moment, the main participants, China and the United States, have primarily stuck to slapping tariffs on each other's goods.

Ron Johnson: Trump Trade Policies Doing 'Permanent Damage'

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 07:55:15 GMT

While he supports President Donald Trump pushing for reciprocal trade treatment, particularly with China, Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., said he hopes the president can use his tariff leverage swiftly to get deals done to avert trade wars, because "right now there is some permanent damage being done."

In Britain, Businesses Brace For A Hit Amid Tensions In The 'Special Relationship'

Mon, 16 Jul 2018 03:33:55 GMT

But many in the U.K. are hopeful that any tension in the "special relationship" between both countries is temporary - especially business owners. Even before the president's visit, British business owners were in the throes of uncertainty caused by the ongoing negotiations over their exit from the European Union.