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1. How Do I Enter My Dyno Information?

  • Login to the site.
  • Go to the My Garage Page
  • In the left Tree View, click the Add New Bike link, fill in the details and click Save. Then that bike will show up in the left Tree View.
  • Under your Bike in the Tree View, there will be a link Add New Build. Click it, fill in the details of the build.
  • Then you will See a new link under that build for Add New Dyno Run....same process.

2. How Can I Share My Dyno Run on Facebook or Twitter?

  • Login
  • Go to the My Garage Page 
  • Select the Bike, Build, or Dyno run you want to post on your Facebook Profile
  • Click the facebook "Like" button or one of the other sharing options at the top of the page. This will post a link to the selected Bike, Build, or Dyno run that you have already selected to your Facebook page for your friends to see.
  • You can also share your whole "Garage" by clicking the Like button while highlighting your Name on the left Tree View.